Karla Arboleda

Predator diversity in the kelp forest

A couple of weeks ago, as I was listening to NPR on my morning dog walk, the reporters began talking about a familiar system to me – the kelp forests of California! Quickly catching my attention, I realized that the radio story was largely summarizing the results of a recent study published in Communications Biology from a team of researchers based out of UC Santa Cruz.

Of cactuses and bromeliads

If asked to summon a plant, what is the first form conjured by your mind’s eye? A tree, with a towering trunk, topped with a tufted halo of green?

Biodiversity in an age of big data

A significant portion of my current work delves into global-scale research questions which often involve large amounts of data from multiple sources. I’m still amazed by the volume and accessibility of data that I’ve witnessed and used for my work.

Digital Divide, A Graduate Student Perspective

While reading an article about the challenges that graduate students undergo with open-source software in the U.S., I could not avoid thinking about the obstacles with ICT for those in developing countries.

Mountains of Miami

At the southernmost point of peninsular Florida lies the Miami Rock Ridge.
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