UFBI Travel Grants for Congressional Visits Day 2018


UFBI Travel Grants for Congressional Visits Day 2018


The American Institute of Biological Sciences is hosting its annual Congressional Visits Day in Washington, DC on April 17-18, 2018. This event is an opportunity for scientists to meet with their members of Congress about the importance of federal support for biological research and education. 

In support of representation from the University of Florida, the UF Biodiversity Institute is offering the opportunity to apply for travel grants to UF students from any department, interdisciplinary program, or College/School with an approved doctoral program in the Graduate School as well as post-docs. As the program is specific to the U.S. Congress, eligibility is limited to U.S. citizens.

Eligibility statement: Included with the application for each student must be their rationale having something to do with understanding, appreciating, and/or conserving biodiversity.


Number of Awards: Up to 5 Awards

Amount of Awards: Up to $1,000

Submission Deadline: January 22, 2018, 5:00 pm

For more information Eligibility Criteria, Proposal Requirements and Submission Requirements, go to https://biodiversity.institute.ufl.edu/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/UFBI-Travel-Grants-for-Congressional-Visits-revised.docx.


For more information about the Congressional Visits Day, go to https://biodiversity.institute.ufl.edu/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Meet-with-your-members-of-Congress-about-science.pdf.

Please direct all submissions and accompanying documentation to: 

Flora W. Marynak at flora.marynak@ufl.edu.

Please direct all questions to:

Dr. Pamela Soltis, FLMNH, UFBI Director
Email: psoltis@flmnh.ufl.edu
Phone: 352-273-1964