UF Biodiversity Institute Featured in Adjacent Open Access Quarterly Review

The University of Florida Biodiversity Institute (UFBI) was featured in the August edition of Adjacent Open Access Government, a digital publication that provides articles and editorials on a broad range of social issues. It serves as a platform for experts, policy makers, and others to explore topics and identify and debate ongoing challenges. The publication typically pairs a contribution from a governmental agency with an article on a relevant organization. The piece on the UFBI [see pp. 236-237 of http://edition.pagesuite-professional.co.uk/Launch.aspx?EID=f8abf7ad-bc1b-4a51-b42b-d7b202a02971] and follows an article on efforts by the US Forest Service (USDA) to support healthy forests [see pp. 234-235].

Future issues of Open Access Government will focus on the role of the UFBI in applying data science and informatics to biodiversity-centered problems, the resources of iDigBio, the need for innovative training programs for students and practitioners to take advantage of ongoing developments in data availability and use, and case studies of how biodiversity scientists are addressing societal problems such as food security.