Polyploidy 2023 Conference: Polyploidy Across the Tree of Life


We’re writing to let you all know about the upcoming International Polyploidy Conference, with the theme of Polyploidy Across the Tree of Life, to be held the week of May 9-12, 2023.  This Conference, which has been held usually every 2-3 years and usually in Europe, is making its first stop in the Western Hemisphere!  It will be held at Hammock Beach Resort, on the Atlantic Ocean, about a two-hour drive from Gainesville.  For the first time, this Conference will bring together the ‘biodiversity’ polyploidy community with the ‘development and disease’ polyploidy community, and we’re looking forward to some awesome interactions! For more information, visit the Conference website at https://www.polyploidconference.org/.

Pam and Doug Soltis

Please contact Dr. Pam Soltis for more information at psoltis@flmnh.ufl.edu.