UniBioQuest 2018 Participant Testimonials Are a Big Deal!



This past March-April 2018, QuestaGame held a new annual competition, “University bioQuest: Universities Prepare for Global Competition to Map Nature.” The competition was part of a mobile gaming app called QuestaGame, which gets players outdoors to discover, learn about, map and ultimately help protect biodiversity.

There were almost 16,000 sightings submitted, with over 50,000 identifications submitted (identifications can be submitted up until the time that all eligible sightings have been verified). This has resulted in the mapping of over 1,700 unique species so far, with more to come as the pending sightings are verified.  In just one month, the teams generated a huge amount of data that will go on to support conservation research – helping to protect life on Earth, at a time when this is very much needed!


QuestaGame is already making preparations for UniBioQuest 2019, and representatives from QuestaGame are hoping that participants will offer a testimonial from the University of Florida’s experiences in UniBioQuest 2018. Any words you can share about the benefits experienced by your team would be great, even if just a couple sentences. For example, other teams have told  how their teams enjoy learning about the life on campus, that the competition seemed to draw out more engagement from the team than they expected, of that they were just so excited to be contributing to biodiversity research. If you would like to include your testimonial in the promotion of the 2019 UniBioQuest, please send an email to biodiversity@research.ufl.edu. Include your name, email address, title, affiliated department or unit, and your feedback about the experience.

To learn more about:

1. BioQuest competition, visit https://questagame.com/news/unibioquest-1pr-18,

2. QuestaGame, visit https://questagame.com/.